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Awards Committee

Committee Chair:  Krysta Jones


Audit and Finance Committee

Committee Chair:  Charlottis Woodley 

Members: Deborah McCreary

                    Rachel Thompson


By-Laws Committee

Committee Chair:  Vacant


Membership Committee

Committee Chairs:  Joy Gerst


Nominating  Committee

Committee Chair: Donna Robinson          


Policy and Legislation

Committee Chair:  Stan Truman              

Member: Elizabeth Westley


Professional Ethics and Standards

Committee Chair:  Vacant

Members: Donna Robinson

                    John McGinnis



Committee Chair: Keena Howell    


Public Relations

Committee Chair: Mark Thompson

Member: Krista Flowers     



Committee Chair: Catherine Chapman  

Members: Isetta Melton

                   Stephanie Riddle
                   Karyn Gross
                   Charlottis Woodley
                   Olive Randell

                   Margot Beezer

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