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Distinguished Service Award 


Jonathon Brown started at the Maryland National Guard

Freestate ChalleNGe in 2016. He initially started out as a

Training Coordinator. One day, Mr. Brown noticed one of

the cadets having a meltdown. The teen was pacing with

both hands balled into a fist, visibly upset. Another staff

member attempted to calm him down without success. The

agitation and frustration inside of the young man became

more visible and could be heard throughout the building.

Mr. Brown asked the staff member if he could assist. The

behavior was very recognizable from once being an angry

teen himself. The staff member quickly welcomed the

assistance. With the cadet's permission, Mr. Brown took

the young man away from the crowd that was beginning to

form. With privacy among them, he asked the young man

began to share what was going on with him. Within

minutes of their interaction, the cadet lowered his tone

and adjusted attitude.


He self-corrected the challenging behavior he had just displayed minutes before. At that moment Mr. Brown developed an interest and passion in being more involved with the cadets instead of being behind the scenes. In March of 2018, he accepted the

position of Recruiter, where he could directly be engaged

with the youth inside and outside of the academy. He

continues to use his influence to connect with young men

and women throughout the State of Maryland.

Mr. Jonathon Brown
Maryland National Guard Freestate ChalleNGe Academy

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