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Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Recommendation Letter

It is my extreme pleasure to recommend Rachel Thompson for the Pupil Personnel Worker of the year.  In the 21st century, all organizations seek to employ staff who are gifted, skilled, experienced, most capable, amicable, level headed, energetic, cooperative, self-initiated, and altogether highly qualified.  In all these descriptors, I have just portrayed the Rachel Thompson that I have grown to know for over 8 years while working with Ms. Thompson as Pupil Personnel Worker with Prince George’s County Public Schools.  I have found Ms. Thompson to be fair, helpful, compassionate and simply eager to assist others to get the task done.  A unique quality of Ms. Thompson is her ability to adapt to ever-changing situations as a Pupil Personnel Worker within Prince George’s County Public Schools.

I have been closely associated with Ms. Thompson on a professional level.  I have witnessed Ms. Thompson staying abreast of best practices in her field of education and counseling.  I find her intellect and quest for knowledge to be continually growing.  As a pupil personnel worker (PPW), Ms. Thompson understands and is quite concerned with how the educational setting, students’ attendance, and the home environment sufficiently impact student learning. 

Ms. Thompson is responsible for a number of new initiatives intended to reform the way attendance data is addressed throughout the Prince George’s County Public School system.  She continuously strategizes to reduce out of school suspensions, expulsions, and the school’s truancy rate.  Ms. Thompson does not hesitate to conduct home visits, make phone calls, hold parent conferences and building-level meetings to formulate action plans to address the needs of her students.  Although assigned to work with strong school principals, Ms. Thompson is able to advocate for the needs of students as well as herself as a professional in a way that builds strong relationships and mutual respect.

Ms. Thompson provides staff development to teaching staff, colleagues and she works diligently with parents to make a difference in the lives of their children.  Without hesitation, Ms. Thompson should be awarded the esteem honor as Distinguished the Pupil Personnel Worker.  




Egola Moore, MSW, M.A.Ed.

Rachel Thompson